Welcome to Smiths Leisure


  1. Can you provide rides for birthdays, fun days and private events
    1. Yes as long as we can gain access
  2. Can you provide more than one ride
    1. Yes we can supply as many rides and attractions as you require from a small kids ride up to a full-scale funfair with kids, family and adult rides with catering
  3. Do you need a power supply
    1. If power is available we can use it but its not essential as we have our own generators
  4. Who operates the rides
    1. We operate all our rides and attractions and have fully trained attendants
  5. Can you attend at short notice
    1. Yes as long as we have rides available and enough time to set up in time for your event
  6. What ares do you cover
    1. We can cover the whole of the U.K.
  7. Are all the rides insured
    1. Yes all rides and attractions have 10,000,000 public liability cover